About IMB Images

Butch Bernstein

If you are looking for a fun photo session that is quick, painless, a great value, and unique – this is the place!


I’m a kid at heart and my wife will tell you I don’t take anything seriously. I think I do (sometimes), but I try not to let it get in the way of having fun!

The photo session should be fun. Getting down on the floor with the kids, demonstrating a “girly” pose, and dancing like a ballerina are just a few ways I have fun during your photo session.

Gone are the days of traditional portraits taken by a kid in a store or an old guy in a suit.



You’re busy and I get it. I also understand that kids can have a short attention span – especially when it comes to photos.

The longer you are in the studio, the more difficult it is to keep the kids energetic. Since I composite everything, I can work one-on-one with each child, and mom and dad, to get the best image of each in the shortest amount of time.


I don’t hit or bite. Promise.

But I do know that sometimes quick is just not going to cut it. Stuff happens and the kids need a break.

No worries. Take the time to ensure everyone is calm, cool, collected, and comfortable.