My familyBusiness and computer educated guy with 25 years of technical support and client service experience, leaves corporate world and turns professional photographer.

I create contemporary beautiful, elegant images of you and don’t necessarily follow the rules.

If you want to know more than that, give me a call (240-839-1462). I look forward to hearing from you!

– Butch

This about page used to be just my photo and the two sentences above. Since I have been receiving some comments about it, I thought I would explain my about page a little bit.

In doing some research on what makes a good About Page, I came across an article about the 7 mistakes people make in creating their about pages. Here the mistakes to avoid:

MISTAKE #1: You don’t have an About Page. Here it is, so no mistake #1!

MISTAKE #2: I can’t find your name. I can fix that right here. My full name is Irwin M. Bernstein, but I’m known as Butch. Since I am named for my grandfather, and my grandmother used to call him Butch, she started calling me Butch. My other grandmother used to call me “flower pot head,” but we won’t go there…

MISTAKE #3: I don’t know what you look like. Can this be considered judging a book by its cover? Either way, I’m the old bald guy in the family photo.

MISTAKE #4: The writing is boring. Who really decides what is boring? You decide whether you like my writing or not.

MISTAKE #5: Using video alone. Some people love video and some don’t. I know it has its place and I would never just use video. I am still working up to using video at all.

MISTAKE #6: You go on and on and on. Before adding this explanation, this page was short.

MISTAKE #7: I bet you think your About Page is about you. This is a tough one. I need to convey everything interesting about me, but only in the context of how I serve you.