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Beauty Transformation™ Benefits

1. Every time you see your photos, you can think back on the positive experience you had and feel beautiful all over again. Your photo will represent much more than what you looked like that day, but what you felt that day. It will serve as a constant reminder that you are truly beautiful in every way.

2. Single women will have an opportunity to express your inner strength as an incredible, independent woman. You will be able to document your current chapter in your life, and can share your photos and experience with significant others.

3. Married women will be able to give your husband a beautiful photo he will absolutely appreciate of his gorgeous wife (you!). He can proudly display a photo of the love of his life in your home, at work, and on social networking sites. Your husband can also be involved in the Self Analysis, and will be given the opportunity to share his feelings with you. Many sweet and sincere words of love and appreciation are exchanged during this stage of the transformation.

4. Your children will have priceless photos of their mother (you) that will be cherished forever. A mother usually doesn’t have many photos of herself because she is most likely the one taking the pictures in the family. This can be a beautiful gift your children and grandchildren will always enjoy.

5. Family members and friends are also included in the Self Analysis. This allows the opportunity for honest communication that leads to improved relationships. Through the Beauty Transformation™, your self-confidence will significantly grow. Friends and family will appreciate being around a woman with a renewed, infectious love for life.

6. It can be hard to think too far into the future, but many women have said they don’t have a photo of themselves that they would especially want displayed for future generations. You can have peace of mind knowing you have a beautiful photo that truly represents who you are.

7. Ask yourself these questions: When was the last time you were really pampered? How long has it been since you went shopping and didn’t feel guilty about spending money on yourself? It is so easy to get caught up in everyday routines that you forget to take quality time out for yourself. How refreshing will it be to finally have an excuse to do this and have it feel wonderful?!

8. Women have many parts of their body that they either like or dislike mainly because of comments and experiences they had in junior high or high school! Various women have said things like, “I have always hated my legs because a kid teased me in 7th grade and told me they were thunder thighs.” Unfortunately she continues to carry this burden with her decades later! A Beauty Transformation™ helps to reboot your self-esteem and look at the big picture: you will learn to see all of yourself as a beautiful woman.

9. Life is too short. Life is too precious. How many years have you wasted giving excuses like, “Oh I’ll do that when I lose 10 lbs, or when my hair grows back, or after I run a marathon…” Think back to the first time you gave an excuse like this. Wouldn’t you give anything to be at that point of your life again? We are as young as we will ever be right now! Every minute of life is a gift, and they are too precious to waste on regrets.


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