MBC Butch

My “Beauty” Story

MBC-Butch1So, where do I start? When I first came across My Beauty Campaign, I loved it! It seemed like a perfect fit for IMB Images and my Beautiful You sessions. In fact, I liked MBC so much, I decided to replace my Beautiful You sessions with it.

What I did not realize right away, was that to become a Silver or Gold certified My Beauty Campaign photographer, I would have to go through my own transformation. After discussing this with the founder, Mandi Nutall, she assured me it could work.

Since I wanted to be the first guy photographer in the program, I put all apprehension aside and went for it.

Doing the self assessment assignment was an eye opener for me. Even though I had to change some of the language to be “male oriented”, I learned a lot about myself.

I am very aware of how I look. I make jokes about it all the time. No hair, over weight, don’t know how to smile on command (bad trait for a photographer). The list goes on…

My Beauty Campaign Transformation helped put things in perspective and made me think about and express what I do like about myself. It also let me know what others like about me.

There is more to me than my outward appearance. In my head, I have a full head of hair and six-pack abs. (just kidding) Seriously.. I am funny (you have to get to know me), loving, kind, loyal, confident, and more.

My list of how I am “beautiful”? Here…

  • I have a loving wife who is like no other
  • I have three wonderful boys (young men) who really make me proud (some days more than others)
  • I have a great sense of humor
  • I got lucky with great parents, sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, and friends
  • I like me!

As for my bald head… grass doesn’t grow in a playground. 🙂








Thank you to my friend Wendy for photographing me and helping me see myself as others see me.