My Beauty Campaign

Wait, isn’t IMB Images Run by a Guy?

Yes, I am a guy. I am happily married and have three grown children (all young men).

I started sessions similar to these in 2012 called Beautiful You sessions. Beautiful You sessions were designed to celebrate women and help women realize how beautiful they are. My wife helped me come up with the idea.

Like most women, my wife does not like to be photographed. I really had to struggle to get her in front of the camera. More importantly, I struggled trying to make her feel beautiful. We came up with the idea to pamper women and have them bring a friend, sister, mother, daughter, or partner along to share the experience.

When I came across My Beauty Campaign, it seemed like the perfect fit for what I am trying to accomplish. As you have been reading, I am sure you have come to realize that what I am offering now is so much more than a glamour portrait session.

My Beauty Campaign is truly about celebrating the beautiful person you are. It adds a component I did not have and that’s the Self Analysis and the Beauty Transformation.

What is also interesting to me about this journey, is that in order for me to progress through the training and what I can offer you, I must go through the transformation. It will also give me first-hand knowledge of what you will be doing. So, if you think you are nervous, think about what I must be going through!

To read about my beauty transformation, click here.

In the mean time, if you are ready to get started, click on the logo at the bottom of the page, register for the session and select me as the photographer. I look forward to seeing you!


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