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Women can be full of excuses when it comes to photos. It seems that every woman thinks she is not photogenic.

I’m sure this has crossed your mind at least once (if not now). Let me tell you why you probably think this and let me enlighten you!
1. Who takes your photos? Is it your husband, sister, son, etc.? I don’t want to discredit the person photographing, but he or she is probably not a professional photographer. Let me show you what true professionals can do!

2. Did you know that a photographer can shave off five to twenty pounds just by positioning you correctly? MBC photographers have studied body angles, lighting, and posing and know the combinations of these techniques that will flatter you the most.

So who cares about those extra pounds? How many times have you said, “Oh, I’ll do that when I lose weight.”? How many years have you wasted because you told yourself this? We want you to feel beautiful just the way you are and we are committed to make you look your best!

3. MBC Photographers will not Photoshop you to be someone you are not. You are beautiful because you are you. However we will help you feel as beautiful as you can. It is the goal of every MBC Photographer to make sure they photograph and edit your images so they truly represent your best self.

We will not make you smaller or bigger than you really are because that goes against the values and goals of My Beauty Campaign™! You are beautiful just the way you are! Trust your photographer, and they will bring out your best!


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