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“I amRH Testimonial a fraternal twin. My twin is gorgeous. Everyone always said she was the beautiful one. Me? “Oh, she’s cute.”  I am older by 5 minutes.

Beauty-wise I grew up in the shadow of my sister. Eventually, we both got married, had kids, reached our 40s. As a homemaker, my typical every day look was t-shirts, shorts, or sweats. Add a few pounds and wrinkles and I really didn’t feel beautiful at all!

Then I heard about My Beauty Campaign. My first reaction was “No way! That’s not for me!!” But the more I thought about it the more I thought I should do it. So I took on the challenge.

It was hard work, awkward and a struggle to work through. The mental part was the hardest. Just pushing past the negative thinking and accepting who I really was was more difficult than the physical part.
I really enjoyed the make-over. It was so relaxing I almost fell asleep! And finally came the photo shoot. I felt very nervous about that, but Butch was so nice and professional that he calmed my nerves. He got to take some great shots and I love my pictures!!
But the thing I love most about them is not that I look absolutely radiant, but that they are a reminder to me of the journey and process of finding my true beauty. I discovered that true beauty starts from the inside out and that they should go hand in hand.

I am changed and I love myself!” – R.H.


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