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Why a Beauty Transformation™?


A Beauty Transformation™ is unlike any other experience or photography session you have ever had, mainly because our focus is on more than just the photos. Many women have admitted that their initial purpose for their Beauty Session was because they wanted the photos, but they never expected how much more they would learn and grow through their transformation.

In fact, most women experience the peak of their journey long before they ever get to see their photos. Because of this journey and transformation, almost every time a woman views her photos, she is brought to tears. She sees her portfolio as evidence of a journey she began in insecurity, and ended in confidence.

While looking at her photos, many women say, “Look at me! I am Beautiful!”

There are photography sessions designed for pregnancies, newborns, children, high school seniors, families, engagements and weddings, and intimate boudoir…but what about everyday women? Single women, wives, mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers should have a reason for tasteful, memorable photos.

Typically, the last professional portrait a woman has of herself is probably her senior portrait or her wedding picture. Everyday women probably don’t have the self-confidence to contact a photographer or walk into a studio and ask for self-portraits for no reason.

Now they can! After a Beauty Session, each woman will have stunning images that she can proudly display anywhere and comfortably show anyone.


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