My Beauty Campaign

I am pleased to announce I am now a photographer for My Beauty Campaign. My Beauty Campaign adds a significant component to the Beautiful You session that I was not able to offer before.

Experience what many women have claimed has changed their lives!

My Beauty Campaign adds such a refreshing burst of positive life in this sometimes cynical, judgmental, and negative world that constantly shapes our perceptions of body image. A Beauty Transformation helps a woman love who she is today, as well as the women she ultimately can become.

My Beauty Campaign is redefining the meaning of beauty to mean much more than a description of outward appearance. A beautiful woman is now a woman who feels beautiful. A woman will experience a transformation similar to a caterpillar’s metamorphosis to a delicate butterfly.

My Beauty Campaign helps women love who they are right now – Not after they diet for six years and lose ten pounds, or not when their hair grows back. Life is too short to waste precious time not fully loving others because we can’t love ourselves.

My Beauty Campaign is on a mission. We want every woman to have a beautiful photo that she absolutely loves, a visual representation of her own personal beauty campaign. It is our hope that each woman will ultimately be able to say for herself, “This is My Beauty Campaign.”

An MBC Beauty Transformation incorporates various stages that ultimately lead a woman to the unveiling of her true beauty. These stages include a Self Analysis, honest soul searching, resources to detailed education of fashion, colors, and make up that specifically complement and enhance each woman’s unique body. She will also have access to
an online personal trainer and nutrition specialist, will experience well deserved pampering, and an unforgettable photo session.

After her journey, she will be able to say:

“I am Beautiful.”


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