What is a My Beauty Campaign?

My Beauty Campaign™ combines a new brand of photography with improving a woman’s self-esteem and body image. It is so easy for a woman to point out all her faults that sometimes she can forget who she really is.

A Beauty Transformation™ is a journey that helps a woman rediscover her true self, and provides her with amazing photos that will serve as a constant reminder that she truly is beautiful.

When you register your session, you will be mailed the incredible Self Analysis Assignment™ that you will begin before the photo session to start the transformation. Throughout the process of completing the Self Analysis, you will be enlightened, educated, and aware of how those who love you feel about you.

You will also have the tools necessary to physically take care of your body and achieve a wonderful look and style that will help you present your best self for your photo session, as well as every day afterwards.

After some guilt-free shopping, you will then be pampered and actually spend some long overdue quality time on yourself! Keep in mind that the main focus of the Beauty Transformation™ is not on the way you physically look, but on what makes you feel beautiful.

You will be given many ideas, tools, and opportunities to help you achieve the ultimate goal of feeling beautiful.

I will use creative methods during and after the photo shoot to help you feel natural, comfortable, and most importantly beautiful.

When all is finished, you will be able to say, “I am Beautiful!”

With the assistance of psychologists, therapists, and counselors, the Self Analysis Assignment™ for the Beauty Transformation™ was developed to be a guide for the woman during her transformation to rediscovering her true beauty.

Honestly, the assignment takes time, thought, and energy, and it’s a journey that isn’t easy.

However, like all things in life worth working for, it is worth it!

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